Frequently asked questions

Does SBO4VOIP use the IPv6 IP Addressing scheme?

Currently, SBO4VOIP enabled devices do not support IPv6. Only the IPv4 IP Addressing scheme is used.  

How many Public IP Addresses do I need?

You will need one IP /Device or Gateway, so that is depend how many Gateways / Devices you have for termination. i.e you have 2 x 16 Ports GSM Gateways so you will need 2 IPs, one IP for Each Gateway.

Can I use a 3G/4G Internet connection with SBO4VOIP?

It is of course possible to use a 3G/4G Internet connection in conjunction with SBO4VOIP devices. However, it is to be noted that due to the nature of 3G and 4G technologies, the reliability of the Internet connection established cannot be a guaranteed constant. The only SBO4VOIP device that we currently support that's of note on this subject is the TP-Link MR-3420 v2. The SBO4VOIP firmware is attached to this device via a USB dongle. In order for SBO4VOIP to work correctly and efficiently, it must be the only device to use the USB port. This means that it is not recommended or supported to use a USB 3G/4G modem on this device, but instead would require an ethernet connectable modem.

Does SBO4VOIP support line bonding?

One of the added benefits of SBO4VOIP is that is does support line bonding. Despite being developed to carry VoIP calls SBO4VOIP also has the benefit of being able to create VPN tunnels with multiple ADSL lines, which in effect is bonding. Unlike the Cisco based solution using SBO to bond ADSL has relatively low setup costs. Bonding with SBO4VOIP requires a router for each ADSL line and a single piece of SBO4VOIP enabled hardware to handle the bonding process.


Can SBO4VOIP reduce my costs?

Yes, assuming that you are already running a VoIP system, SBO4VOIP will reduce your VoIP bandwidth requirements.

We are a big telecom operator providing VOIP termination service. We need more than 500+ channels for SBO4VOIP, Can you support this?

Yes. SBO4VOIP has a high end version which is able to support big telecom operators.  

Does call quality drop by using SBO4VOIP?

No. Generally call quality increases as your termination now requires much lower bandwidth for call termination. Also our QoS mechanism ensures better call quality.

My ISP doesn’t give real IP address. Can I use SBO4VOIP for call termination?

Yes. You can use SBO4VOIP with private IP address having good stable internet connectivity.  

My ISP blocks VOIP calls. Can I use SBO4VOIP as unblocking solution?

Yes. SBO4VOIP works as a unblocking solution to by-pass VOIP port blocks.

How much bandwidth will be used to run a single E1 (32 channels)?

SBO4VOIP requires 280-300 kbps bandwidth in both uplink and downlink for 32 channels of G729 and G723.1 mixed calls.

How much bandwidth can SBO4VOIP save?

SBO4VOIP can save bandwidth consumption upto 85%. In fact the more number of concurrent calls, the more percentage of bandwidth is saved.

What is SBO4VOIP?

SBO4VOIP is a real time bandwidth optimization and enhancement service for VOIP termination which can save bandwidth upto 80% from both endpoints.

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Improved Performance

Intelligent QoS mechanism and enhanced bandwidth utilization deliver improved ASR, ACD and PDD

Enhanced Security

Enhanced security measures have been implemented in every single module to ensure maximum customer security

No Blockage

Integrated anti-blockage mechanism can pass through any voice blockage and firewalls. No ISP can block our SBO.