Hosted VoipSwitch

Why Use our Hosted voipswitch solution?

No capital investment

Our Voipswitch hosted platform offers you the benefits of a hosted VoIP softswitch class 5 and billing platform, without having to invest in your own infrastructure.VoipSwitch class 5 allows you to manage your VoIP business either by having your own dedicated Hosted server or through the cloud by using your own web browser to log in to our Web-portal for administrators (VSC3) or for your resellers by using our Three level reseller module (VSR)

Rapid market entry

Build your business quickly and easily using our hosted softswitch solution- When you become a VoIP service provider within 24 hours!

Predictable operating expenses

Thanks to our scalable softswitch hosted platform and the variety of Dedicated Hosted Plan – your company benefits by having predictable costs, making it easy to plan your monthly operating budget. One key benefit of working with Softswitch hosted platform is that our success is based on your success. When you grow, we grow with you.

Around-the-clock access to experienced technical staff

Our highly-trained engineers have unparalleled expertise in helping you with technical issues regarding our hosted SoftSwitch, Hosted mobile dialers and our additional modules (Calling cards, Callshop, Hosted PBX, Three level reseller module etc.)- they are available around the clock to answer your questions or help you configure your services.

Bring your own termination / origination

Our SoftSwitch hosted platform allows you to use any provider you need for VoIP termination, origination and other key services. Our flexible routing lets you use as many providers as you need. This gives you the benefits of selecting as many providers as you need to balance both cost and quality. We also can offer you our own high quality, A-z termination.

Hosted VoipSwitch Pricing

VoipSwitch 400 CC
$199 /Month
  • CPU : 4 Cores
  • RAM : 8 GB
  • HDD : 2000 GB
  • Bandwidth : 50 TB
  • POP : US & EU
  • Concurrent Calls : 400
VoipSwitch 600 CC
$299 /Month
  • CPU : 4 Cores
  • RAM : 16 GB
  • HDD : 3000 GB
  • Bandwidth : 100 TB
  • POP : US & EU
  • Concurrent Calls : 600
VoipSwitch 800 CC
$399 /Month
  • CPU : 8 Cores
  • RAM : 32 GB
  • HDD : 4000 GB
  • Bandwidth : 200 TB
  • POP : US & EU
  • Concurrent Calls : 800