How to Burn an ISO Image to a Disc

How to Burn an ISO Image to a Disc
08 Aug 2015

There may be a time when you have an ISO image that you need to burn to a CD or DVD for use in a computer or other device. Today we show you how to do it using ImgBurn, ISO Recorder, and Windows Disc Image Burner in Windows 7.

You might need to burn an ISO of an operating system, SBO4VOIP app Image, CD, DVD…etc. It doesn’t matter what the ISO image is, burning an image is a fairly straight-forward process and here we’ll take a look at two free options to accomplish it.

Use ISO Recorder

ISO Recorder (link below) is great utility for burning ISO images to disc. They have a version for XP, Vista, and Windows 7 (32 & 64-bit Versions). Pop your blank disc into your CD/DVD drive and right-click on the ISO image file and select Copy image to CD from the Context Menu.


In the next screen the image file path is in the Source Image file field. Under Recorder select the drive with your blank disc, select a recording speed and click Next.


You’ll see a progress screen while the data is written to the disc and finalizing…



That’s it! Your disc will pop out and you can click Finish to close out of ISO Recorder.



Use Windows 7

If You’re using Windows 7, use the built in Windows Disc Image Burner feature to burn ISO images to disc.


The process is very straight-forward



You don’t need an expensive commercial application to burn an ISO image to disc. Using any one of these free utilities will get the job done quite nicely.

Download ISO Recorder